Touring New York City- Taking the Subway

Quick Tips

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Taking the Subway, Learn as You Go. If you want to get around and avoid traffic, use the subway. It is one of the greatest experiences. The thrill of getting around for less money, while being fast and efficient will be the greatest reward. You will also find artists, performers, artwork designs, and beautiful architecture at different stations. There is an estimated of 469 subway stops in all of NYC. Use the map on your phone or download the NYC MTA transit app. I am going to make this short and very simple. Most stations have a map of the subway. I recommend studying/familiarizing yourself with the map ahead of time. It will make it easier once you start following it. Here is the link for the map: Do not let all the routes scare you. Your app will tell you where to transfer and get off. If you make a mistake (which will most likely happen) and you get off at the wrong stop or got on the wrong side of the track, talk to the attendants at the service booth. They are very helpful and will let you in again without charging you. Best life hack anyone could every ask for is the offline map: 1. Log into your gmail account and enter your destination in Google Maps. 2. Click on the three vertical dots next to your destination 3. Select download offline map. There should also be an option to send the map to your mobile device for an image by image demonstration. This will save you so much phone battery.

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