Brooklyn, New York with our Son

Traveling can be fun and exhausting. However, add to that traveling with a child with ADHD can be a bigger challenge. It is a good thing my son loves food. I knew the subway would take a while to get from Times Square to Brooklyn. Jaden loves his pizza. He knows it will be worth the trip since he knows me so well. I would travel anywhere for the best food. It was about a 45 minute ride. Check out my last blog on quick tips taking the subway
Get there by 11:30am. Otherwise you will end up waiting in line for at least 30 minutes. We ordered the large margherita pizza. The three of us were able to finish it all.
Now to entertain my child who is very hyper, impulsive and loud, what can we do in Brooklyn? How can we enjoy our day together as a family and still keep our sanity? My husband and I wanted to walk around Brooklyn and keep our son entertained. I wish I saved the foldup map. We found it in Juliana’s Pizza. It was a map of DUMBO (Down Underneath the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), Brooklyn. We used that map and turned it into a game with my son. We did a scavenger hunt of all the hot spots we needed to see that was picture worthy. (Map included all this) I do remember there are big maps on store fronts too. It should be easy to find that map. He loved being the first to find each spot or leading us there. Walking around Brooklyn and seeing all the art and beautiful views of the bridge was amazing. We were able to finish the map in an hour without my son giving up. He had a reward at the end – ice cream! Stay tuned for the best ice cream places in NYC!

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